Our products are continually evolving and improving, adding to the benefits they already offer to our customer base. The important word there is ‘benefits’.

We are not distracted by the latest technology buzzwords and trends, as these rarely improve productivity for the people using the products and therefore rarely contribute to increased cashflow performance. We only add features if they provide a tangible and measurable benefit to the Credit Control and Finance departments.

Creating products that give you benefits is our only aim.

Automate and Go Paperless

Send out any communications, letters and e-mails, simply and automatically.  By e-mail, post or SMS.

Saves time, effort, money and human error.

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Reduce Bad Debt

You will have vastly improved visibility of problems areas within your ledger and can easily see how much money those problems are holding up.

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Achieve Company KPIs

We start any implementation of Credica by understanding what you wish to achieve – and will ensure your system is configured to achieve this.

Meeting and exceeding KPIs is one of the side effects of the improvements in automation, visibility and productivity that Credica gives you.

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Easy to use Reporting and Analysis

We don’t like our users to have to “run” reports. Lots of powerful analysis is baked right into our system, so it’s at your disposal at all times.

Plus the ability to export anything into Excel in 1 click, so you can easily manipulate your information using Excel’s toolset.

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Certainty in Credit Control

Credica is highly versatile to implement your chasing rules.

Rules and Machine Learning ensure nothing is left to chance, and there will be no more single points of failure.

Credica will become your single point of success.

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Easily Track and Resolve Queries

Any debt that is in query is given very special treatment, being visible, drillable, sliceable in many ways.

Using Credica you will easily see what is causing those issues, to enable your business to solve them once and for all.

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Optimise your time

When your Credica system has all but eliminated all manual jobs for you, your time and skills will naturally become optimised and used in more effective ways.

Credica simply automates many labour intensive tasks, and turns many of those tasks into a few mouse clicks.

The ease of use and overall user experience is key to Credica’s effectiveness and the efficiencies it delivers.

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Improve Communication

Your customers benefit from your Credica system, by receiving consistent and professional communication from you.

This is proven to maintain and improve the relationships you have with your customers.

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