The Launch

When Yusen Logistics Co. Ltd. decided to implement Credica across its UK operation, it was aiming primarily to improve its receivables processes. It hasn’t been disappointed there – within the first 2 years of using the system, it improved their DSO by 26%.

In addition, Credica has freed up the Credit Control team to focus on more value-added tasks and other departmental work.

13 Days

DSO Reduction in under 2 years


Yusen Logistics has a varied list of customers ranging from large corporate entities to more regional customers all with different service requirements. Yusen Logistics’ Credit Control Department collects payments, distributes queries to the operating locations and works to mitigate risks to the YLUK business overall.

All of this is handled within the Credica system.

We want our customers to see us a partner, not just a supplier, and Credica is helping us to show that we are a reliable and serious partner.


We know that whatever direction we want to go in future, Credica has the flexibility to adapt.


In Practice

Yusen Logistics now uses Credica to diarise automated tasks and actions based on preset deadlines, which handles query management and tailored alerts all displayed on the dashboard. The inbuilt reporting tool, Pinpoint, generates regular reports providing the team with full visibility of risk, both at customer and transactional level.

Using Credica has enabled the team to spend more time on value-added activities, including managing high-volume customers, building relationships with internal and external stakeholders and implementing automation and digitisation of other departmental tasks.

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