The Challenge

Credit Management is often a sensitive matter, but a customer group as diverse as Stannah’s can sometimes require an especially delicate approach. Jayne Lee is Credit Manager for the Stannah Group, which provides credit control, among other services, to the five companies in the Stannah group.

She explains: “What works well when you are selling lifts in bulk to a construction company will not suit an elderly stairlift owner. Fortunately, the flexibility and configurability of our Credica system lets us tailor our approach to the needs of each customer group.”

20+ Years

Loyal Credica Customer

The Approach

Before the implementation of Credica, Stannah relied on a number of labour intensive manual systems to manage these processes – by using Credica, the quality of information has improved dramatically and has all but eliminated most of the laborious tasks while still facilitating the personal touch which their customers expect.

We needed to keep the intimacy with our private customers, as well as fully automate our dealings with the high-volume ones such as construction companies and local authorities. With Credica, we’ve been able to strike the right balance.


The team at Credica actually listened to our requirements and wanted to understand our business. Their brutally honest approach was refreshing and served to paint an accurate picture of how they conduct their relationships.


The Result

With many routine tasks now automated, Jayne’s team has more time to devote to ‘value-adding’ work, such as building relationships with customers and planning for the future – rather than a purely re-active approach to their workload.

Jayne wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Credica solution to her counterparts in other companies.

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